• Start Date : 22 June 2017 Time : 10:00 AM
  • End Date : 25 July 2017 Time : 10:00 PM


    DESIGN | SUMMER EXHIBITION presents a collection of limited edition gifts, perfect for any occasion, by internationally acclaimed designers. The designers include: Nathalie du Pasquier, Cedric Ragot, Ettore Sottsass, Georges Mohasseb, and Gaetano Pesce.

    Ettore Sottsass (b. 1917, Innsbruck, Austria – d. 2007, Milan, Italy)
    Known for his large oeuvre including furniture, jewelry, glass, lighting and office design, Sottsass was also one of the founders of the Memphis Group. His own work was known for its variety, often times incorporating playfulness through ornamentation and color. In 1959 he designed the first Italian electronic calculator and typewriter models such as Praxis, Tekne and Valentine, in which the latter is now part of the permanent collection at MOMA.

    Gaetano Pesce (b. 1939, La Spezia, Italy)
    During his 50-year career, Gaetano Pesce has worked as an architect, urban planner, and industrial designer. His outlook is considered broad and humanistic, and his work is characterized by an inventive use of color and materials, asserting connections between the individual and society, through art, architecture, and design.

    Georges Mohasseb (b. 1973, Beirut, Lebanon)
    Having been working as an architect and designer for sixteen years, Georges Mohasseb has developed a unique design approach that is identified by high level of craftsmanship and complex expression of materials.
    Thanks to his experimentation with materials and textures, he always looks for the best possible and most sensible combinations to execute his designs.

    Nathalie du Pasquier (b. 1957, Bordeaux, France)
    Artist and designer Nathalie du Pasquier moved to Milan in 1979, where she became a founding member of the influential and decade-defining Memphis Group, creating patterns for decorated surfaces, such as textiles and furniture. In 1987, she shifted her focus to painting, in which her work features geometric furniture, lamps, and the unexpected and energetic color relationship for which the Memphis Group is known for.

    Cedric Ragot (b. 1979, Dieppe, France – d. 2015, Paris, France)
    After graduating from the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Design, Cedric Ragot founded his own design studio in 2002. With Eclecticism as his personal choice, he built a cross category approach of industrial design, getting involved into a broad scope of application fields. Mixing creative imagination and industrial reality, his designs associate with the functional aspect of an object a solid proposition in concept and image.