• Artists : RYM KAROUI  
  • Venue : ARTSAWA | DIFC
  • Preview : 16 March 2017
  • Start Date : 16 March 2017 Time : 01:00 PM
  • End Date : 16 April 2017 Time : 10.00 PM


    The important aspect of Rym’s work resides in the perpetual questioning of the world that surrounds her.

    A borderline abstraction and faithful to the use of her favorite colors: Rym plays around surprising the other and questioning the spectator’s temporality by painted surfaces that reflect her own reality.

    It is in the characters dialog of the colored forms that she reveals the circus’ stake and craziness.

    Like the excitement of a hazardous discovery, like the liberation of a trapped intimacy, like the expression of a semi-human, semi-animalistic farandole. Rym says "I always have fun, in the eternal dream factory, my life."

    When she works, she tells their stories using a vibrant palette of colors, creating sensations that draw the viewer into a different world; a world filled with movement, spontaneity, optimism and laughter.