our story

In 2008, the artsawa project began to find its roots in Dubai's multi-cultural dynamism. Amidst the skyline of this incredible city it was still difficult to find Art, and yet there was a longing for art and culture that remained unmet. Filled with a passion for art and the promotion of talent, and despite difficult odds Amel B.Makkawi, owner and director, set out to create an Art platform that would provide artists from the region with a space where they could present their work, a space of sufficient size and quality to create its own dynamic. artsawa embodies all of Amel's aspirations for art in this part of the world; it is the largest addition to Dubai's bustling art scene. It is a distinctive art platform dedicated to the awareness and promotion of contemporary art from the Middle East, North Africa and neighboring countries.

artsawa realizes its mission through hosting a series of innovative exhibitions, educational programs and publications reflecting current issues and practices. Offering 2 branches state-of-the-art space, one in DIFC and one to open in Kuwait, artsawa fosters interaction between art and the public across a wide range of media. artsawa is dedicated to promoting world-class contemporary art to a global and regional audience.