PUBLICATION: 000000 | FFFFFF decoding | Lina Farra

decoding is a photographic and poetic book that depicts the story of life across 22 countries with images captured over a span of 12 years. Decoding is not about perfect shots and polished prose but a reality check!   Attempting to unlock the code of life with images and words, Lina beckons the very purpose of human existence.  Has digital innovation progressed human development? Has the speed of the "Age of Information" expedited bringing more love to earthlings?
With strong imagery accompanied by little to say, decoding provokes one’s curiosity. It contrasts similar moments lived by different people on opposite sides of the globe. It intentionally goads the reader to reflect on the state of human condition while guiding them to the realization that “although we are different, we are ONE".
decoding`s   ultimate purpose is to deliver the message of compassion and respect to oneself, fellow humans and hosting earth.  The secret ingredient remains LOVE