• Subject : Art Appreciation
  • No. of Sessions : 1
  • Time Schedule : 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Dates : 07 December 2011

  • Fee : AED 40
  • Audience : Juniors session for Lycee Libanais Francophone Privee
  • Speaker/Instructor : Zena Assi
  • Venue : ARTSAWA | ALQUOZ
  • Description:
    Art Sawa, invites a class from the Lycee Libanais francophone Privee to PAPER CUT PEOPLE a mixed media workshop the next day just
    after the Vernissage of to STILL NATURE by ZENA ASSI

    Zena Assi: Born in 1974, Tripoli, Lebanon. Lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon.
    Assi’s sharply defined portraits of still impression elongated and often melancholic figures of young men and women call for attention alongside her cluttered cityscapes that are crammed with wires, television antennas and buildings stacked precariously on top of one another. Her canvasses are filled with interwoven lines set against bold fields of colour abstractions. Lines of varied width and texture swirl rhythmically beyond the picture plane thus echoing the sense of a dynamic energy.
    Zena Assi never makes preparatory sketches and instead begins by priming her canvases directly. The base layer is created using mixed media followed by adding different textures and materials; tissue paper, cloth, broken brushes to name a few. The result is contrasting layers of thick impasto. The artist often finishes off with a layer of oil colours which give her canvasses their peculiar, vigorous luminosity.