• Subject : Dance Appreciation
  • No. of Sessions : 10 (1 Cycle)
  • Time Schedule : 7:00 PM - 8;00 PM
  • Dates : 02 January 2013 | 09 January 2013 | 16 January 2013 | 23 January 2013 | 30 January 2013 | 06 February 2013 | 13 February 2013 | 20 February 2013

  • Fee : AED 50.00 per class OR 450 per Cycle
  • Audience : Seniors (15+)
  • Speaker/Instructor : Kamilla
  • Venue : ARTSAWA | ALQUOZ
  • Description:

    "Dance isn`t something that can be explained in words. It has to be danced"…
    Dance is an art where your body is moving to different beats. During a single dance class you can exercise almost every muscle of your body. What a fun way to work out!
    The benefits of any dance class are: improving cardiovascular endurance, increasing your muscular tone, reducing your weight; and improving balance and coordination.
    Be ready to improvise on the dance floor, give all your passion to the rhythm of the music, smile, and enjoy the DANCE.
    One more note on dancing: it is the best time to wear high heel shoes and that new dress!
    Based in Dubai, Kamilla is a professional dance instructor and choreographer dancing to a full spectrum of beats and rhythms across the UAE. With over 13 years of experience in every type of ballroom dancing genre, Kamilla is constantly improving on an already impressive resume of shows and performances. Kamilla is equally fond of working with both children and adults and experience levels, whether you would like to break into the basic Latin moves or you would like to wow the guests with a specially designed waltz set at your wedding, Kamilla will have you on the dance floor in no time!