• Subject : Art Appreciation
  • No. of Sessions : 5 (Full Cycle)
  • Time Schedule : 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Dates : 02 May 2011 | 09 May 2011 | 16 May 2011 | 23 May 2011 | 30 May 2011

  • Fee : AED 500.00 (Full Cycle)
  • Audience : Seniors (15+)
  • Speaker/Instructor : Shelley Young
  • Venue : ARTSAWA | ALQUOZ
  • Description:
    Season 3:

    After the Great War in Europe, the era of Surrealism emerged out of Cubism, Freud and communist philosophy. Led by Andre Breton, Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali, it aimed to fuse the conscious with the unconscious to create a ` super-reality`. Art Deco and Modernism evolved out of the Depression in the United States and post-First World War Europe, in the 20`s and 30`s as Frank Lloyd Wright, Corbusier and Bauhaus embraced new materials and experimental architecture. The era ended with the Spanish Civil War and Picasso`s monochrome masterpiece, `Guernica`. In Germany, with the rise of National Socialism, these styles of art were described as `degenerate`.

    Season 3

    1. Dada and Abstraction
    2. Surrealism
    3. Art Deco and Modernism in Architecture
    4. Bauhaus
    5. New Realism and Socialist Realism

    Shelley Young read for a postgraduate diploma in the History of Art and Architecture at East Anglia University`s acclaimed Sainsbury Centre, after completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Cape Town University. She went on to study at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. She has a special interest in 20th Century Modern Art and she is currently researching the influence of Modernism on Contemporary Islamic Art. She is also a collector of Contemporary Gulf Art and Antique Oriental Art.