• Artists : MARWA ADEL 
  • Venue : ARTSAWA | DIFC
  • Preview : 13 January 2013
  • Start Date : 13 January 2013 Time : 11:00 AM
  • End Date : 15 February 2013 Time : 10:00 PM


    Marwa's photographs express a desire to break free from the restrictions imposed on women by society, to be the persons they are instead; unique and different.
    Marwa maintains a very personal voice as her work is unique in tackling the taboo of the human figure, expressing revolt of social restrictions. Her texts, taken from her own diary, confirm her visual message.
    "Each woman is different and that is what makes her unique... Each one has her own journey and her own life. No one is like anyone, yet our societies oblige to hide ourselves and in turn we lose our real identities and become only their image of her… each woman has her own life....”  
    Through her works, Marwa recommends not to avoid confrontation and to always reveal who truly women are no matter of the social and professional environments.  
    “Express to make your society hear, feel and understand you.....When you find your life, you find your identity."