• Artists : MARWA ADEL 
  • Venue : ARTSAWA | DIFC
  • Preview : 09 December 2014
  • Start Date : 09 December 2014 Time : 11:00 AM
  • End Date : 08 January 2015 Time : 10:00 PM


    Since Adam and Eve were both sent down to the Earth because of the forbidden fruit, the endless story starts and will remain forever as the Tree of life story. Man and woman. What are they, and why, each alone and if together?

    How much they are alike and different? How much the differences are due to nature, how much to culture?

    This latest series of works, “Tree of Life” questions about the relations between men and women, and the fear, from the society and from failure, that stereotypes their relation.

    “Tree of Life” it is about what keeps men and women apart or together. “Tree of Life” expresses phases of love, confrontation, emerging, separation, self-confidence and being one. Marwa Adel’ s artworks combine carefully posed photographs of models with symbols of fragility such as leaves, flowers and or torn paper. Once again, Marwa used the bare human body as a metaphor for the thoughts and feelings hidden inside it. The anonymous characters in Marwa’s photographs appear fragile and lonely, and yet you can feel the sea of emotions surging within. Their bodies are exposed, yet they conceal their thoughts, desires and feelings. These works represent no one and everyone, hiding their identity and try to look like anyone else because they want to be accepted by society, but their tense bodies speak about how painful it is to hide the truth.

    Marwa Adel is a visual artist passionate about photography. Since the beginning of her career, Marwa has defied traditional norms by using pictures of the human body in her work. She has a Master’s degree in advertising and she is a Lecturer Assistant at the Faculty of Applied Art at Helwan University, Cairo. She has won many awards for her bold and powerful creations.